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LLS LTD empowers companies and organizations to:

Accelerate user learning
Reduce Operation & Maintenance training costs
Decrease the need for expensive live training

by deploying 3D Interactive Training technology and applications.

We help Operations & Maintenance workforce learn complex procedures by allowing them to practice on equipment virtually, via 3D Interactive Training applications.
This fully interactive virtual training provides a modern day alternative to training manuals, videos, passive e-learning and hands-on experience that enables the user to ‘Learn by Doing‘ anytime, anywhere, on any platform – Web, PC, Mobile and Tablets.

As a market leader, we support a strong base of customers and partners including IAI , Elbit systems , Rafael , IMI and more.

Our Services

“I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I DO, I UNDERSTAND.”

Confucius said this sentance more the 2000 years ago and it couldn’t be truer today.
According to the Learning Continuum, people retain 90% of what they do versus 10% of what they read. Imagine if a technician knew how to install and repair machinery before ever touching the real thing, or if a soldier knew how to use his equipment before ever holding it in his hands.

3D Interactive Training

LLS 3D Interactive Training empowers students to practice Real equipment in a virtual Environment, allowing them to ‘learn by doing’ anytime, anywhere

*This in turn gives benefits:

* Increased business productivity

* Reduction in error rates

* Increased employee safety and product adoption

* Increased product adoption

Tactical Simulations (VBS3)

LLS using VIRTUAL BATTLESPACE 3 engine empowers trainees trainees learn techniques, procedures and develop communication and decision-making skills.

LLS provides flexible simulation training solution for:

* Complete Turn-Key Solution

* Scenario training

* Mission rehearsal

* Systems Operation training

* Content creation (Models,Terrains,GUI and complex scenarios)


LLS specializing in Augmented Reality applications and content.
Using State of the art AR engines LLS provides full Turn Key soultion for Augmented Reality applications for Marketing, Education ,Training and visualisation.

LLS Services include:

* Rich 3D/2D content

* Content integration with leading AR Engines

* AR consulting services

Serious Gaming Applications

Game mechanics, and technology allows for high-fidelity interactive training at a competitive price in a flexible framework that lead to higher engagement and improved learning.

LLS creates immersive, 3D interactive learning solutions and high-fidelity synthetic virtual environments.

Our goal is to create realistic, detailed training, entertainment, and educational solutions to improve your safety, security and way of life.

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Latest Works

We are proud to present Some of our latest work that we can reveal

Our Team


Itzhak brings an experience of more than 8 years in the 3D Technological field ,
Using his multidisciplinary skills in Programing ,3D Modeling and 2D graphic editing for working with the leading defense industries in Israel .

Yoni Veinberg
ART Director

Yoni brings more then 10 years of 3D modeling experience , vast experience in the gaming and defense industries, Yoni is an expert in leading 3d modeling and texturing tools.

Ofer Kalman,
Product Manager

Ofer holds Bsc degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Ofer served in senior technical position with IAI, BVR, RDC, Marconi, Airspan and Pointer. Ofer ,a col. (res.), served for more than 20 years as a pilot and commander in the Israeli Air Force.

Lanir Ben Shushan

Lanir holds Bsc degree in Computer Science,a seasoned software engineering team leader with experience of 3 years of developing in .net and unity.

Yaniv ROY

Yaniv holds Bsc degree in Computer Science,a seasoned software engineering with more the 3 years experience.

Alon Trachtenberg
3D Modeling Lead

Alon has seven years of 3D experience, served as a modelling lead in the Israeli Air Force main Research & Development unit, Specializing in virtual 3D training.

Ofir Cohen
2D/3D Designer

Ofir has ten years of 3D experience,vast experience in the gaming, architecture & design domains

Our Clients

A testimonial is an acknowledgment of one's achievements, qualities or abilities, usually provided by one who has benefited from another's service or can attest to his skills and knowledge. At LLS, we take this part of our business very seriously. we simply can't afford bad reviews. Through technology, with a click of a button a potential client of ours can verify everything. including what our existing clients have to say. There is nothing more valuable!

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